Colleen Dunlap

When Colleen discovered the world of aerial arts in 2017, she had no transferable athletic skills. None, zero, zilch. Tight hips, weak triceps, a core that wouldn’t engage, the whole nine yards. She did bring one asset, however–her brain. An engineer in her muggle (non-circus) life, her visual-spatial reasoning skills helped her see patterns, progressions, and modifications that many don’t. She’s had to work herself up from ground zero, and thus, understands intimately how to coach aerialists at any level or ability. In addition to being an innovative coach, she’s also a creative performer. She performs aerial, fire, and burlesque both locally and out-of-state, and is in a complete love affair with being onstage. She believes everyone should have a chance to experience a well-deserved applause after putting your heart out for all to see.

Courtney Hall

Courtney is a Florida native coming from a childhood of  dabbling in many different fitness related activities such as sports, ballet, gymnastics, etc. It wasn’t until 2017 when she found her niche through pole dance! Courtney was lucky enough to train with a competitive dancer early on in her pole journey, and has gone on to share a love for competition and performance with her students, as well as simply having fun and getting fit while doing so. Courtney utilizes her degree in sport and exercise science as well as her Aerius pole dance certification to better her students in a safe, fun and progressive environment.

Chloe Caban

Chloe is an athlete of 15+ plus years, a trained gymnast and an avid performer of the circus arts. Through her background in athletic performance and weight lifting, she has cultivated a lifestyle full of movement and mobility that has translated through her love for pole dance. She started her pole journey back in 2018 in a studio in Florida that changed her way of fitness forever. Now, she shares that knowledge with others to bring out the strong, the sensual, and the sexy within all of her students.

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